An Egyptological Review of ‘The Mummy’

The Mummy, released last month (June 9th, 2017) in the USA and Canada, is the latest in the long-established franchise that started in 1932. Tom Cruise stars in the latest reboot playing the charming boy-scoundrel Nick Morton who, while stationed in Iraq, seizes the opportunity to hunt for antiquities. The Mummy has already received countless reviews for you to peruse in terms of its casting, cinematography, plot holes, and lack of Brendan Fraser (although the Book of Amun-Re from the 1999 film does make an appearance!). For this review we thought we’d do what Egyptologists do best: talk about ancient Egypt. All too often, films like this one become the only interaction the general public has with ancient Egypt, something even more true since the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, when international tourism to Egypt has been at an all time low.

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