Lecture: “Wet and Wild: the Nilotic Mosaic at Praeneste”

This past Wednesday, Steven Shubert gave an intriguing talk on Egyptianising elements in the famous second century BC Nilotic Mosaic at a lecture event hosted by the Toronto Chapter of the SSEA. Speakers for their summer programme this year have explored sites not as well-known outside of academic circles. The final talk of this series took the audience across the Mediterranean to the Italian site of Palestrina (ancient Praeneste).


Game Review: “Archaeology: The New Expedition”

Playing board games is a popular pastime and a great way for people to reconnect with their friends, whether you're at home or in the field! The Nile Scribes are avid board game players and we want to share some games relating to ancient Egypt with our readers. Our first game review is for Archaeology: …

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