Looking through Egyptian Glass: The Stained Glass Windows at UofT’s Lillian Massey Building

Just across from the Royal Ontario Museum, now on a busy, downtown street corner, sits a Neoclassical building from the early twentieth century. Inside, visitors can gaze upon a set of beautifully ornate and intricate stained glass windows of Egyptomanian themes.


The Latest Discoveries in Egyptology (August-September 2017)

Every few months, the Nile Scribes bring you summaries of the latest news and discoveries in Egyptology, both from the field and the lab. We’ll introduce you to the newest archaeological finds or recently undusted manuscripts being rediscovered in museum collections, plus other new theories stirring in the Egyptological Zeitgeist. This week, read about a new gypsum head of Akhenaten, a cache of ritual objects found at Karnak Temple, and a new Eighteenth Dynasty tomb in Luxor.

Top 5 Egyptology Starter Books

Looking for a great introductory book on ancient Egypt, but don’t know where to start? The Nile Scribes have picked several books perfect for your first step into the world of Egyptology. We have selected some great books that explore Egyptian history, culture, museums collections, and archaeology and you can quickly become familiar with the key issues we like to discuss in conferences and documentaries.